Mat Workout
Kristi Cooper
Class 2366

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Thank You Kristi for this Workout with the Fitness Ball.
I Love Classes with the ball and i get some Inspiration for my Class today
I hope to see more Workout with the Ball
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Going to share the leg circles on the ball with my class tonight. Thanks for the inspiration! And...I HAVE to ask...where did you get your pants??? Love them! :)
Glad you like it!
Brooke, the pants are Bia Brazil. I got them online at Activewear Usa.
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Kristi, you are so cute! Really enjoyed how fun this was! i will be back for more. Hope you can upload more classes with elastic band too. thanks
Thank you Maktub. I could use a class with the elastic band myself! I'll do what I can next time I film!
Thank you Kristi for another great ball workout. Looking forward for more :)
Kristi, great class! It's perfect as a warm up before my ballroom dance classes. Thank you ??
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The 2 question marks were supposed to be a heart emoji.
Great inspiration! Thank you for that... I will try it on my lessons next week :)
Wonderful class Krisiti!! Love using the ball!!
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