Reformer Workout
Sara Colquhoun
Class 2442

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nice class
The variations were endless. Single leg, different combinations. Loved the spine articulation on the Long Spine, wow!!! Loved how you used the Franklin ball.
Gosh it was great to hear your voice and follow your instruction again Sara! FANTASTIC! Leah Dal Pozzo
As someone with foot problems, I really appreciated all of the introductory articulation and stretching that you did. I'm going to incorporate all of that from now on when I do jumpboard. Really great class and I hope to see more classes from you soon
Fun and challenging class. I really appreciated your precise cuing with ease of flow and creativity. You're one of my favorites!! I look forward to more, Thanks Sara!
One of my favorite classes!
i will do this again!
Great class. I loved the elephant over the jump board. Felt great. Thankyou Sarah. 😊👍
Loved this. Very different from our traditional work but so much fun and felt so good in the body at the end and after. Thanks for your creativity and fun sequences.
Lovely class. Thank you!
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