Rhythm Pilates® Breakdown
Lisa Hubbard
Class 254

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Lisa loved you rhythm pilates fast pasted class! Great workout. Hope you will teach more classes on this web site.
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Wow this is excellant!! Cant wait to learn it....
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Wow what a fabulous class. I can't wait to take the real thing! Thank you Lisa and Pilates Anytime for bringing this to us!!!
Wow, I really like this. Can't wait to see it set to music!
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Thank you everyone for all your kind and encouraging comments!
Whoa, incredible! Thanks for sharing it to Pilates enthusiasts like myself.
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I always love this class! It oils up all my joints and I get a nice, quick tone up.
Thanks so much Abigail! Love it!!
I had fun with this class, where can I see it with the music?
Hi Ana, great to hear that you has fun with the breakdown class! You can see it set to music without interruption (flow) class #253
//www.pilatesanytime.com/class -view/253/video/BASI-Pilates®-Pilat es-Class-by-Lisa-Hubbard
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