Reformer for Runners<br>Juan Nieto<br>Class 2554

Reformer for Runners
Juan Nieto
Class 2554

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I love watching your classes Juan - un profesor de PM - Antonio desde Londres
Great front and side split variations. Thanks!
Great class for anyone with gait issues, not just runners. I am not a runner and missed this one because I didn’t think it would be applicable to me,
Loved the prone squats! One question, can the standing lunges and squats be done on the floor with gliding discs or is the spring tension from the reformer necessary? I ask because I would be nervous doing that work standing on the reformer with no one around to spot me. Thanks for a great class.

New ideas on already know exercises... good!
I think you are wonderful Juan! This was really informative and very cleverly created. I really enjoyed it and I have some valuable take aways for my clients. Thank you :)
Juan Nieto
Thanks so much Charlette Pomme ! It's very nice on you.
Really enjoyed the link of Semi Circle to a deep squat and then picking up that line again in standing split series!
came back to this class after a long while. just what i need for my marathon prep. will be revisiting the others in the series too.
Helen S
Enjoyed this so much!!  Thank you!  Awesome and informative breakdown!
Donna H
A lot of information will be rewatching several times. Thank you
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