Reformer/Tower Workout
Melissa Connolly
Class 2584

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Beautiful! Loved the last half especially, those airplanes and magicians were legit! Thanks :)
I loved this! So creative, and the transitions and descriptions were wonderful. I'm saving this as a favorite to come back to. I don't have a box, but I used a Balanced Body foam spine corrector on the reformer for the beginning of the long box work (with the roll down bar) and the short box work and just did the rest of the long box work on the floor. I have the Allegro 2 w/tower, so next time I may just remove the shoulder blocks and do the long box work that way. Very adaptable and a great workout!
This was really great but very hard to do on Gratz equipment 
Thank you Melissa!  What a great workout!  
Such a great great workout x
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