Mat Workout
Tash Barnard
Class 2614

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What a fantastic class; thank you!
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Hi Rebecca,
Thank you for watching P.A and your kind comments of my class is so highly appreciate!
Have a super day!
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As a pilates instructor and BASI student this is a great class, super inspirational! Thank you Tash, you great!
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Thank you, Tash, i love your classes :)
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Wow!!! Love it! A killer Workout;)) Thank you!
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What amazing uses of the roller to challenge stability in every exercises. Thank you!
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Great class. I did the side lying with my top leg in font and bottom leg at the back. You get more stability and a little bit easier yet still quite challenging.

Fantastic overall. Love the roller.
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Thank you for the fantastic class--I really appreciate the creative mat classes--Tash's work is exceptional!
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Powerful workout. thank you Tash
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Adorable pants! Where did you get them??
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