Mat Workout
Meredith Rogers
Class 2635

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Fantastic start to my day! Thank you xx
Meredith is my star pilates teacher ...always love her classes...great class..
I love the precision and execution that Meredith portrays in the class. beautiful to watch and even better to perform oneself. thank you Meredith you inspire me
Thank you all for your lovely feedback and for taking class with me. I appreciate you all so much. My pants are made by Onzie and are SO comfortable. : - )
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Really enjoyed this class. It was deliberately paced but filled with intensity. As I don't have an overball, I used my daughter's playground ball decorated with flowers and prancing ponies. :D
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There's a lot of form involved here which I'll relay to my class today. Doing the workout correctly really works the abs from all sides and also lower back. Thanks Meredith for a great class!
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meredith and ball...challenging...thank you
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Thanks Meredith! So much fun with the ball- especially the side plank!
Did the class for the second time today. Love how the ball is supportive and helps minimise strain... Would it be possibly to get a similar level/length class with the theraband???
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