Mat Workout
Meredith Rogers
Class 2635

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Thanks everyone!

Sook Werm Chua,
I have many, many classes with the theraband. I will try to do another one soon but, in the meantime, you should be able to find something that suits you.
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Haha Meridith.. I think I've done all of them! Most of them are about 50 minutes though.. which is longer than I have in the morning rush to work!
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Have you ever considered doing one of Meredith's theraband classes with a more resistant band than your customary one Soon Wern Chua? After taking her classes hundreds of times using a blue band I changed to black and it was almost like a whole new set of classes!
Touché, Soon Wern Chua.
Forty minute theraband coming up!
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Meredith muchas gracias!! Hermosa clase.
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enjoyed it so much last time just had to come back! it felt as good as the first time, would be nice to do before bed. lovely stretches.
Thanks gals!

Soon Wern Chua,
40 minute band class is filmed and in the queue.
I loved this class, and am also coveting your leggings!
My leggings are made by Onzie and are SUPER comfortable.
Thanks for taking class with me.
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Love your class, as always! Your cuing is great!
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