Mat Workout
Tracey Mallett
Class 2652

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Another Tracey gem. You ladies are very lucky.
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Definitely a challenge to core and stability. Loved it. Thank you!!!
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Wonderful moves, thank you! And great outfit!
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Loved it! I can see why you have such beautiful abs! After doing three of your classes in one week, I feel like mine look like yours!
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Another great class Tracey! I love to work with the overball because it challenges the stability and forces your entire body to work harder and find the control you need to execute the exercise. I usually use it with my students and they love it and also because the class gets really dinamic and fun! I am a fan of yours and I am always looking forward to watch your classes and learn from you! Kisses from Costa Rica!!
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Great class Tracey, thank you!!
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Lovely ball variations! Thanks
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Love your beautiful energy!!
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Great energizing class. And a cute finale:))
Loving the flow & those transitions:)
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