Mat Workout
Tracey Mallett
Class 2652

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Love your class Tracey, great vibe too!
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This is absolutely great... thank youuuu....
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`Really loved this. I am a huge fan of the mini ball. Great ideas Tracey and a lovely flow. great energy all round. Thank You!!
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Amazing combination! Super liked. Thanks
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What an inspired class! Really love how the ball allowed basic movements to challenge stability and provide mobility all at once. Thanks!
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Fantastic use of the ball! Loved the shoulder depression and extensions :) x
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LOVE your classes and the way you teach - thank you! great guidance and just fun!
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Love the class !! Great exercises and transition moves in between !!

Big HUG FROM La Paz,, Bolivia !!
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XOXO! Thank you! Love it! Some new ball variations, thank you! More please!!!
Great class! Love your pants. Where did you get them?
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