Energizing Cadillac
Meredith Rogers
Class 2660

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Amazing as always! Love your classes!
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Thanks Meridith, I always love your classes!
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Loved this class Meri!!!
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Why did this work so well for me? First the pace was deliciously/agonizingly deliberate. The cues really helped find a positive, healthy relationship to the equipment. I have scoliosis and a neck issue that sometimes makes spinal flexion nightmarish for me but this only lengthened me, even spurring a healthy chiropractic crackles down my often stuck spine. I would love to know the origins of some of the exercises-- their names, their origins etc. Thank you. I feel great now.
Thank you for sharing such a detailed experience. I am so happy that this class worked for you! I would love to share more details about the origins of the exercises. In an effort to do so, it would help me to know which ones you are unfamiliar with.
Thank you ALL for taking class and sharing your feedback.

I MISS you Maria Sylla!!
quisiera preguntar en la serie de roll up con la barra , como hacer para medir cuanto extender el hombro?
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Amazing class Meredith!
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Brilliant class - loved every bit of it. Meredith you are a fantastic teacher xxx
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Can't wait to try this one out!
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