Reformer Workout
Amy Havens
Class 2745

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That was excellent! Felt awesome! Really loved your cue: 90% tummy 10% legs for stomach massage. That is an exercise I rarely do but I'm certainly going to start adding it to my repertoire!
Thank you Sally and Connie! :)
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With your 90%tummy cue one can really see how active Julie's abs were- what a lovely flat tummy she maintained in stomach massage, well done !
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Thanks Amy, that was great, the cues and slowing down.
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Lovely class
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Thank you Amy! It always works out that September brings my teaching back to the basics. Both my new and seasoned clients "clicked" with the deeper connections you highlighted.
Thank you so much gals....your feedback is really important to me!
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Love this class Amy.
Thank you Jodie!
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Hi Amy

Thanks for a wonderful class. I haven't been on a reformer in 18 months and thought I'd start back with some basics that I know and love...

I do have a couple of questions: firstly when we were doing the prayer feet I really struggle to lift my hips and get my butt off the carriage.....any tips for improving that..? I struggle to do roll over on the mat too....I think I may be a little too bottom heavy lol.....secondly when doing stomach massage I only have the one height for the bar on my reformer and after a few reps I get a pinching pain in my sciatic nerve on my right there any way to modify that? I'm thinking bringing my feet lower to the frame might help as like I said I don't have an adjustable bar....other than those two hiccups I loved the class and look forward to the next one :)

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