Reformer Workout
Amy Havens
Class 2745

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Hi Tricia ! Wow....this is amazing -- thank you for using this class for prep for your test out! I am honored! I love working with clients like this....but also helping guide new teachers when they're embarking on their teaching journey. Let me know how else I might be able to help you...and definitely let me know when you pass your exam! What program did you go through?!!
Club Pilates
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Thank you Amy, its so good to bring it all back to basics sometimes, and just love the flow and design of class especially the start how it connects along the way to elephant etc which I find is one of the hardest in terms of having students understanding what the point of it is.
Thank you for this feedback Amba. I agree -- I love the basics and often do this type of session for myself. The work -- on all levels -- should feed us and leave us feeling revived and ready for what's to come our way!
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