Mat Workout
John Garey
Class 2769

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Great video John! Can't wait for the Fall Conference Workshops at your studio this weekend!
is anyone else having trouble viewing this workout? It starts to skip at 11:00
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We are sorry about the sound glitch in this class. Our editors are working on it so we should have it fixed soon. We are glad that you are all enjoying this class!
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I love using props and this class delivered! Love your classes! You flow so smoothly from one exercise into another. There isn't a second wasted with fillers! I really like STOTT and will be taking your classes regularly. Thank you:)
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This class makes you sweat. Gentle but vigorous. I look forward to taking more of John's classes!
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Thank you everyone! I really enjoyed teaching this class and had the best time at Pilates Anytime! There are couple more videos coming AND I just scheduled another visit. I'm SOOOOO excited! Thanks again for watching and for commenting and liking the video! :)
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I only watched it on the pc and it looks like an real ab blaster! I shall try this one on my strong clients! More John Garey please!
brilliant as always! love love love your classes
Enjoyed this "elastic pilates" class! Great exercises for flexibility and strength. Class went so fast!
I loved this class!
Stott language: simple and effective!
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