Mat for Bone Density
Sherri Betz
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Sherri, thank you once again for sharing your knowledge so beautifully and comprehensively. I have a client newly diagnosed with osteoporosis (-2.5 spine) and your tutorials are a godsend! Looking for programming ideas for her for the future, I have a few questions: it safe for someone with osteoporosis to lie on their back and work lengthwise on a foam roller (assuming they can get onto it without thoracic flexion)? Would it be safe for them to do thoracic extension over a large gym ball? Would it be safe to work thoracic extension over the arc barrel or spine corrector with a cushion under ribs or would the pressure on the rib cage be too much? What about the prone long box extension work on the reformer (e.g. airplane) with cushioning or again would the compression be too much on the ribs? Thank you!
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I enjoy how much knowledge you share with us in your classes.
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Sherri, I taught (we have all been furloughed due to Covid-19) bone-safe Pilates and I often handed out the flyer with you on it as posted on the NOF website.  I thought impact exercises were contraindicated but you have impact in this warm up. Has the thinking changed since you originally did this? I understand weight bearing and resistance, but not impact.  Thank you.  Dianne
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I love all this smart cueing 
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Sherri I have a question - I have SIJ imbalance on both sides and last year I strained my pelvic floor muscles doing the Leg Pull to the front as you demonstrated here.  It was a bad injury and I have been working on balancing my pelvis since then but I am still afraid to go beyond lifting my pelvis in this exercise ( no unilateral movement so far).  Do you think I should move back into this exercise or remain cautious and not lift  my legs anymore?
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Thank you for these osteoporosis safe classes. I will be combining these with my soon to start Onero classes at the Bone Clinic.
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Debra Do you think I should move back into this exercise or remain cautious and not lift  my legs anymore?  NOT immediately.  
It is very important that you gradually increase the strength of such a long lever pull on your pelvis.  I would avoid it until you can very carefully progress.  Such as one knee bent to 90 degrees and lift the other leg.  Or put one foot on a ball and roll it back and forth in the leg pull (facing up) position.  Remember, keep your perspective:  your life will not be that different if you don't do the Leg Pull!  
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Thank you Sherri for your great suggestions I can definitely try those modified positions.  And YES Leg Pull is just one exercise :D LOL perspective adjusted.
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This is a nice routine but I dislike Sherri's narrative, as a physical therapist we don't do ourselves any favours by telling our clients that after a warm up that 'it's a prescription for a heart attack' to lie down on the mat, or that our hip joints are 'unhealthy'. Our bodies are resilient and dynamic they can adapt and cope with changes, some not so well but the imagery used here is one of frailty and vulnerability.
Hi Sarah, thank you for pointing out my sort of feeble attempt at a little sarcastic humor...I am sorry I came across as negative...I totally agree with you that we should appeal to motivation and strength by using positive language and imagery!  
By heart attack, I meant that we don't want to get our heart rates up and then lie down without allowing our heartrate to slow down gradually.  I am very sensitive to this issue since I had a very good friend die this way...
Again...thank you for pointing this out...I certainly want to be mindful with my use of's very important as we teach...
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