Mat Workout
Jonathan Oldham
Class 2821

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Enjoyed this class, thanks, Jonathan! In the beginning as we get started and we are lunging with our back knee straight down, is it ok for the front knee to move forward beyond the toes?
Thank you! I'm recovering from injury and this was very helpful without being harmful.
Great class. It was gentle, yet it allowed me to really connect. I love how you incorporated so much rotational work. I feel great after this class.
Thank you for this great class! Wonderful exercises after a day on the computer!
Some really nice hip/thoracic movements.
What does 'hygiene' refer to?
Thank you to everyone for the kind comments. In response to Linda Tonkin's question: One of the reasons Joe Pilates developed his work was in response to what the rigors of the industrial revolution and modern life to the human body. I use the term 'hygiene' to dovetail on this idea to bring to awareness that in modern life we need to take care of our bodies and in particular our spines in the same way that we practice oral hygiene. This practice need not take a long time, but for the best results it should happen daily and consistently. Personally I have found that I often neglect my spine because I feel I do not have enough time to do a full series on the mat or the equipment. The idea of practicing spinal hygiene allows me to take 5 or 10 minutes for self care and the benefits are infinitely more that doing nothing.
Hips are a real challenge for me. This class is wonderful!
thank you ... so many gems in here! Sharing
That was lovely, thank you. Due to injury I had not excercised in a long time. This was a good start.
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