Reformer Workout
Sara Colquhoun
Class 2871

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Well taught
Nice pace
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Wonderful class, like your others! So many fun variations and great flow. I'm keeping a lookout for your next one...
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Always so inventive and challenging - fun! Thanks!!
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Great class Sara , loved it !! Thank you
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What is the spring setting for the very first exercise. You mentioned that the spring setting was slight heavier but didn't say what it was. Thanks! Am looking forward to doing your class!
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Never mind. You shared it at 2:49. Thanks!
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Totally feels my my abs. Thanks! ??
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Not question marks. That was fist strong emoji. Lol.
Great class ! I have trouble cuing the swan on the long box so this was good practice - I always seem to want to bend my knees when I come
Into extension like you do on the ladder barrel --- would knees bending ever be appropriate? If youre less flexible in the upper back or something? Let me know if you have a chance- cool oblique move on the back with the strap around the one upper knee- never did that before! Thanks!
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Love this wonderful and challenging class! Thank You
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