Reformer Workout
Sarah Bertucelli
Class 2905

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Loved that Sarah Bertucelli couldn't quite get the
legs in straps parallel to the floor without feeling it in my lower back. But loved the class . Thank you from Bahrain x
ThanksNicola! Always modify range to suit your body.
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Absolutely love this workout! Especially the different variations on the ab pulls!  Love that your personality shows through too! X 
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I found this gem today and will defs be doing it again! Thank you for a challenging yet achievable workout.
Jen Thank you for taking the time to comment!  I am going to re-visist this class too. 
Taylah Glad to hear you enjoyed the workout.  I love looking through the older content.  SO much great stuff on PA....I am also planning to revisit this class. 
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This was exactly what I needed, thank you so much!
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I really liked this mostly because you didn't count the reps.  This made it much more of a flow and I didn't have to think of what was coming next.  Thank you!
Hi Leslee!  Thanks for the feedback.  So happy to hear you enjoyed the class. Generally, I do not count much at all.  My students know that they need to count to be "even".  I have been known to say...I will teach and you can count! But when filming a class that will likely be revisited, I try to keep the one sided reps even which can be challenging.  I am getting ready to film a few more classes and will keep in mind flow without counting. thanks again:) 
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I love this work out!
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