Reformer Workout
Tracey Mallett
Class 2928

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thank you, i loved it!!!
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Love it!
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Loved it. As always. Thank you and please do more reformer classes :))
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Tracey, you are not old enough to be my mom, but I affectionately call you my "Pilates Mom" :) LOVED this class. My fat cried.
Thanks guys, so glad you're enjoying the reformer class. I teach many classes and always looking for inspiration so I truly hope I help you on your journey xo
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Such a great class! Can't wait to teach it to my students tomorrow :)!
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Thanks Tracey! Brillant class! Loved it
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Great workout! Loved starting ab work! Can't do it all yet, but something to strive for. Thanks!
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fABulous!!! Great challenge!!
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The perfect trivecta: New mini balls arrived, your workout posted and my clients love surprises! Life is good :) Thanks Tracey!
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