Postnatal Mat Workout
Courtney Miller
Class 2990

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What a beautiful baby, moving amazingly! Congratulations!
Aw he is just adorable Courtney, congratulations to you and your husband. What a fabulous way to workout with your new bubba!
What a gift to young moms! My heart is so happy to have you back on PA. Looking forward to your challenging reformer classes! Thanks for sharing your beautiful son with us.
baby so cute.lovely!!
Yes me to had to smile all the way through so much love beautiful! And.... excellent class!
I love the tummy time stuff! So important!
Courtney! You continue to be an inspiration. My youngest is just two weeks older than your Maverick, and I am grateful for your expertise and guidance as we navigate the wonders (and difficulties) of motherhood. Clara and I loved this class. She giggled right along with Maverick in the climbing the mommy mountain exercise. The foam roller series at the end literally brought back a deepness in my breath I haven't had for the past 8 months. Thank you for your enduring gifts. You are a phenomenal woman and mom!
Congratulations for this class. So inspiring for teachers as postnatal workouts with baby are rare.
It can't get any cuter than this!
This was fab....I didnt get the chance to do it all front to back but instead in sections which was great and I loved the incorporation of baby into the class! Please please please more post natal mat series! Leah helped me through my first post partum body with her classes and I would love to see more from you both- maybe one together?! :) your positivity is inspiring.....thanks!
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