Day 3: Showing Up
Kristi Cooper
Class 3012

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Great Kristi, I love this challenge so far. Its flow and challenging and its amazing how much you can do for 30 min. Im teaching quite a lot, so this is so good opportunity in the busy day to do just something for myself. And also it is very inspiring. Thank you Kristi! jana
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Great! Need the stretch in my back :)
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Kristi, this was just perfect for me today. I've been practicing seriously for eight years this week, and it is a wonderful gift to myself to slow down and fall in love again with this work. Thank you for initiating this 10 day journey we're on together. It's fun!!!!'
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I'm also appreciating the reminder to not push so hard, which I tend to do because it's how I'm wired!! It's great knowing it is okay to listen to my body, even if that means I look a little different from what you're accomplishing in your body.
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OMG! I feel so good.thank you Kristiđź’™
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Thankyou :)
I am so happy to be here with you , thank You for all you do!!!
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Me encantan tus clases kristi! gracias desde Uruguay !!
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Really enjoying this. Thanks Kristi!
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Inspiring! Thank you.
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