Day 5: Awareness
Kristi Cooper
Class 3015

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Nice start to the day!
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I do feel better, thanks!
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Thankyou :)
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love the reminders , thank you Kirsty
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so glad to see you this morning, thank you;)
there's a lot of Rael in here with those KILLER ABS!
I liked the wall to standing free to the mat work for spine suppleness. Starting on the wall helped me roll thru my lower back and continue to open my lower back throughout this day 5.. thank you!!
Martha "Mars" Hart, There is always a lot of Rael in there with me. Rael Isacowitz (here on PA for those who don't know) continues to be a huge influence on my teaching! What a compliment! Thank you all for continuing on with this challenge and me.
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Thanks Kristie, I did this one 2 days in row because it felt so good!
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Brilliant progression kristi ! Will have to do it a couple more times before I move to the next one ! You are super ! Thank you !
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