Day 6: Grounding
Kristi Cooper
Class 3016

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Good class Kristi, thank you, many more to come right?
Thank you
Lovely! Thank you!
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I am enjoying this series Kristi Cooper - it is a great refresher, technique clean up and reminder of the elements. Thank you - looking forward to seven tomorrow :)
thanks again for a great class with supern cues!
definitely grounded after this. Love that seal!
Loved your version of the saw and also the seal thanks again for another great class
It's like I have my own little Pilates coach every morning and I love her. :)
Finding it so helpful to revisit familiar exercises slowly. Thank you as ever!
The camera angle and cuing for single leg circles were so helpful, it's the clearest instruction I've had for that exercise in my almost 20 years of pilates dabbling
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