Day 6: Grounding
Kristi Cooper
Class 3016

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I hate the saw. There. I said it. I feel it all in my hip flexors and can't get my legs to relax. I'll keep trying. Thanks, Kristi!
Spine feels so happy - thank you!
Thank you for this awesome challenge! Is is so important to slow down and regroup our practice and fine tune. You are such a personable instructor on screen, wish i could take a class live with you!
thank you Kristy for your professionalism, for you cues and your many many help words. You have an incredible practical experience, and we can know  throught you what means  Pilates. Thank you so much.
I love the awareness and the precision
Thank You!
Thank you, Kristi! So glad I forced myself to the class today, because - as always - I am feeling way better now than before!
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Thank you for the modifications!
Julia S My pleasure! Thanks for coming to class with me! 
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