Day 10: Play
Kristi Cooper
Class 3038

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Thank you Kristi, for these 10 days!
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Done! :D thank you, Kristi!
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Such a great idea. I've enjoyed my 10 mornings with you and taking class #1 an extra couple of times to introduce the challenge to friends. Ready when you are for the progression to the next 10 day challenge. 😊
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Thanks so much for a thoughtful 10 day challenge. Excellent 😊 :)
We did it!! Thank you all so much for joining me.
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Loved this challenge! Thanks for helping me to connect in new ways.
Thank you so much🤗🙋 so good 👌
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Kristi, These past ten days have been a JOY! Thank you SO much.
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I sent this in an email... but I want to make it public!

I’ll take this chance to say thank you Kristi!!! This is what I needed. I had two serious dance injuries in the past 2 years. I have continued teaching Pilates (and took a new University job in dance), but my own Practice has been inconsistent. I think partly because the frustration with my limitations got me really sad. Nothing worked right! I am so grateful that you referenced your own injury and recovery and helped me find my way back. By then end of 10 days I am not “fixed” but I am so much more forgiving on my own mat and have new commitment to work with my “right now” body. No more waiting. (I know this should have been obvious and is what I tell my students, but…)

Today I wake up and wonder which class I will take. :) I have never done a “challenge” before… but I guess I never needed one before now, and wow, I needed it. Thank you for being there for me and for this community in so many ways!

So much love,
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Was so much fun spending the last 10 days with you. (Even though this took me 11). But hey I did it! Glad you're back from your injury Kristi. Love your teaching! and thank you so so much for the gift of Pilates anytime!
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