Day 10: Play
Kristi Cooper
Class 3038

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I want Joseph Pilates pants!!! :) Thanks for a great 10 days.
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Thankyou :)
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This was fabulous! It was great working with you for 10 days!! Thank you!
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Hi Kristi Cooper , I want to thank you for offering this challenge. I have never taken a challenge like this so it was beneficial for me personally and professionally. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience. As always I thank you for your commitment and all you do for Pilates.
10 days done . I have really enjoyed this challenge and do feel a little sad not to be joining you tomorrow! Love the progressions and variations , thank you Kristy
Great end for this challenge. I was moving all over doing the seal, but I'll get it someday :) Thank you Kristi.
Let's do another one! Interested? A continuation for the Summer? So fun to know we were all doing it together (I did it again with you so I would experience as you might) thanks everyone!

Tracy, your email made my day last week I hadn't done a challenge before either I still have some of those same emotional struggles due to my continued limitations. I write about it in our blog this week Kristi 2.0. I suspect you can relate to at least part of it. Thank you for sharing!
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Thank you Kristi! This was very timely & significant for my life right now. I so appreciate YOU!
Thanks Kristi, its Autumn (Fall ) here in Australia nearly winter time . Loved this 10 day challenge as I am coming of a headcold and this was perfect timing. Thanks again
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I have really enjoyed this challenge! It has helped me to reconnect to why I started doing pilates in the first place. And it made purchase some equipment which I've resisted for no good reason. Now I can go even deeper from now on.
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