Slow, Steady, & Stretchy
Amy Havens
Class 3055

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So soft Love that ☺️
Thank you Ewa , I'm glad you're here with me!
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I did 6&7 back to back which actually worked out nicely! They balanced each other out. I've never done the series this way, 1 rep per exercise, I liked it! Gotta shake up the routine! Thanks Amy :)
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I am really enjoying the contrast and the challenge of this fling with you, Amy Havens – thank you!
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What a great idea to do only one rep of each exercise, I loved it!! Kind of a meditation and also remembering where it all came from. Thank you! I will do the other videos too but I wanted to do this one in particular on this Saturday morning πŸ˜ƒ
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This has nothing to do with this series--which is amazing, by the way-- but I am loving your cute tops! Where do you get them?
Great idea Laura ! Glad that worked for you! Joanna and Julie -- yes, I've got another class (or two I think) on the site where I've done one rep and it's quite fun, deep and worth looking at also. I love one rep classes because for me it's the antithesis of 'being in the moment'! Kim -- this to is by NUX (you can find online). Very comfortable!
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Excellent, just what I needed this morning! Loved feeling each movement and flowing to the next!
Wonderful Liz !!
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Straight to favorites for those days when things have been crazy busy! Thanks Amy Havens
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