Primal Mat Foundations
Louise Johns
Class 3097

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loved it!
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I loved this joyful class. I'd get a lift just by watching it alone, and learned a lot. Can't wait to try primal flow.
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Thank you Louise these sequences are fantastic - please let us know if you have plans to run a teacher training in the UK in the upcoming year - I would be very interested!
Really like the flow and pace. One I will be watching (and doing) many many times over. Louise's approach and content is so clear and refreshing.
Really loved this class. I thought just a tiny bit slower would have been great so as to really feel deeply into the great moves and postures.
Thank you and will certainly do again and look for your others.
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Great class!
Thank you. Lovely to go back and remember how movements are made🌸💖🌸
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Thanks Stacey for taking the time to comment. We use components & specific steps to make up the class rather than randomly putting things together. This is what creates the class & makes it feel whole.
Hi Louise,
Loved the class and would be very interested in coming along to any workshops you may be running in the UK. Really love your focus on the primal movement patterns and less rigid alignment cue's which I think can sometimes be counterproductive for some students. People need to move!
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