Arcus Introduction
Trent McEntire
Introduction 3119

Watch this Program Introduction
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Wow, the work looks different, but really good! This was interesting,thank you.
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My clients love the Arcus as do I! Try it! You'll like it!😍
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Very interesting - can I get one in the uk ? Many thanks
Paula - Yes- we can ship to most parts of the world. In fact Mauro Ossola is an Arcus Educator in the UK. You can get access to live courses with him in your back yard. you can learn more at
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Many Thanks
Love Arcus! Arcus has changed my Pilates practice along with the work of my clients. Thank you Trent & PA for sharing this video.o
Thanks for sharing that Patti Eppolito Kreiner !!
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Love the Arcus! My clients love it and always want to do more!
Nice!!! Where can I buy it?
Hi I would also like to know how and where to buy it from?
Seems interesting.
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