Mat for Abdominal Strength
Trent McEntire
Class 3122

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A lovely class! The cues are so calm and clear and I love the modifications (which I will work towards). The set of 3 classes are really lovely and I look forward to working on all of them again.
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Beautifully cued and fluid. The mermaid sequence was such a nice surprise. A fun way to deepen one of my favourite moves
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Great to see Trent on PA! I' repeating this one :)
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Once again, Trent has created a class that perfectly organizes how the breath, core and limbs work together to create coordinated movement. By back was hurting at beginning of class and now it doesn't. I am in the 'more from Trent camp', for certain. Thank you.
Hi Trent, didn't have a triaball so used my Pilates ball for this series. Loved them all and will definitely do again!! Thanks
This was a lovely abdominal session! Loved cue "Ovalize" & abs roll kick side. Great stretching at end to create openness. Thank you Trent,
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Wonderful smooth and efficient class! Thank you Trent
Always love!! Trent's smart classes. May I throw a question out to anyone who cares to answer? I lost muscle tone in torso and neck ( and other proximal muscles) due to a myositis. I'm returning to health and using these classes to help. My cervical muscles still struggle with head off mat but Im concerned that if I don't challenge them by bringing them off the mat, they will never get strong again. Am I straining them if they tense up at the occipital muscle area? Any input or suggestions very appreciated. I am doing these exercises with the blessings of my doctor .
Thanks in advance.
Loved this series, great instructor, especially liked his descriptive sound effects ;)
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What a wonderful teacher. So many of us work with our own body and its limitations as well as clients with problems. Your modifications are slipped in, in a way that people can make a choice but gain as much from the excercise.
Would love to see more. Perhaps you will come to Ireland at some stage
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