Self-Care Strategies
Anula Maiberg
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Anula, you sound like a kind, compassionate woman. Each of us has to figure this out for ourselves.  After years of working 50+ hrs/week,  I developed breast cancer in 2004 at age 52.  During my year of treatment, I realized all I had done was work work work! I had failed to integrate self-care into my routine and my health suffered for it. Self-care is now an integral part of my life.

Self-care for me, for example, is a regular commitment  to putting my mind and body in a different place: As simple as a soothing bubble bath, giving myself a manicure, a long walk among nature, a good read; journaling, meditation,  a meal with friends, a museum or concert --anything pleasurable that allows even a brief respite from some of the daily drudge to "reboot" the mind and body.

I don't pretend to know what is right for you, Anula, or anyone else. It can be an exciting  journey of self-discovery. Best wishes!
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