BASI Flow™ Spine Corrector
Rael Isacowitz
Class 3137

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Olleeeey! Rael as a basi reformer cadillac combo owner can you do an entire class using f2 system if appropriate for PA. The combo is a blast and I love it everyday:))
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Love the idea of using springs with the spine corrector! Thanks for sharing your awesome work! Your book was my introduction to Pilates, and it has so enriched my life. I am so grateful!
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Beautiful work, Rael. You never cease to inspire me! Thanks to you, as well as to such lovely movers as Sheri and Cara! So nice to see the Basi System in action next to the regular spine correctors. We love our Basi apparatus and would like to see more!
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AMAZING work Rael!! Thank you. I am also inspired by your work. The BASI block system makes so much sense. Ed Botha is my mentor at the moment and I think he is awesome! I am currently doing the BASI Global Comprehensive training in Australia with Ed. I'm absolutely loving the training and getting so much from it. I hope to meet you in person one day. Thanks again for your profound knowledge and dedication to human movement.
I was so excited to see this workout! I have a Avalon step barrel and it's great to have another video Workout on it from Rael! Thank you so much to Rael for continuing to provide motivating and inspiring videos! I find myself getting a little straighter and taller each time you look at the camera!

P.S. Go Sheri!!
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That was awesome! I must invest in one of those Basi system spine corrector's! I love your work Rael! And I must thank you for saying " there's no graceful way" of getting out of the position we were in after hip work. Thank you so much for this wonderful class!
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I love love love Rael!! So inspired by you and your gift as an instructor. You help me make a better instructor and person! With deepest gratitude..
My heartfelt gratitude for all the incredibly kind and inspiring comments about the spine corrector class. It is easy making it look good with students like Sheri and Cara, they are an inspiration! I truly love the F2 spine corrector. Having the ability to add resistance to many of the movements simply opens up new dimensions. Finally, thank you for your support of BASI and me. I wish you all continued health.
One word: Rael! (and Sheri ;) )
Loved this class!! I used a theraband for the footwork. I tried using two for the hip work but swapped them out for ankle weights! I really want those springs!! Great full body class! Thank you:)
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