Extension-Focused Mat
Shelly Power
Class 3181

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loved this class Shelly, will try out some of these lovely stretches with my class. Thanks.
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Simple, basic movements cued in an extra-ordinary way. My spine feels great.Thank you Shelly
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I loved the roll down at the end - keeping the pelvis steady until the last minute. One of the best things about Pilates for me is that the slightest variations can you make your body feel so different. Thank you for this class.
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Thanks Shelly. Love your explanations and cueing. 🙌
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Shelly has a special way of reminding us the basics are not so basic, "reach the back of your thigh as if higher than the heel". It is nice to have this opportunity to learn from Shelly again, and deepen my ability to convey it to my Pilates community.
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Thank you so much, loved the saw options felt great for my body 😊😊
Super class for this stiff back ! Will be teaching this lovely extension work ,which we all need, this week .
look out! the pink pants are in town! total pilates celeb crush on Shelly. Really helpful, practical explanations. So grateful.
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I like the break down to teach Saw
Very nice class Shelly, clear and simple I definitely going to use some of your ideas. Thank you and yes I also like the break down of the Saw and the roll down. Interesting alternatives to 100 it can help to some of my clients.
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