Creative Overball Flow
Tracey Mallett
Class 321

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LOVED this class, great variety of exercises with the ball! Back feels long and lengthened. Music was a tad loud at points, but I loved how it kept us moving and made the workout feel so unique! Adding to my favorites!
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I do mostly mat classes, so I found this session much easier than her standing classes. But what a nice  program of floor exercises. I had fun, and I feel great! Thanks again Tracey:) 
Enjoyed the exercises but that music is very distracting and unpleasant.
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Linda H ~ We're sorry you didn't enjoy the music. A majority of our classes don't use music and the ones that do are marked with the specialty movement. I hope you enjoy our other classes!
I loved the class with the music!!!!
Fun class Tracey - I always enjoy this one and it goes by so quickly!
Felt so lovely, exactly what my body needed! I especially loved the focus on the upper back. :)
First time using the overball and absolutely loved this class!!
What is the sound track?! Love it
What is the sound track?! Love it
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