Creative Overball Flow
Tracey Mallett
Class 321

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Thank you Laura :)
The class was fun, lots of variety, great pace and a wonderful workout. Love using a prop while doing pilates.
A creative and well-instructed class. I appreciated Tracey's use of the ball to boost the work of more traditional exercises. Her cues are very clear, especially on the breath, which is very helpful for me. I wish more instructors used music in their classes, too! I think it makes a difference in keeping you energized throughout. Thank you, Tracey!
Thank you Elaine and Amy! I will be filming more at very soon :)
Fantastic class really gets you working and flowed beautifully. Some great new ideas with one of my favourite and I think one of the most versatile matwork props.
Love Tracey, love the class ... not so much the music. Tracey's voice and great cuing are music enough! :)
Great class. I took away some great ideas to challenge my classes. They (and I) love to add balls to a workout. I haven't used a small ball in awhile and you offered some new ways I think they will love. A bit more practice and I will try it out on them. (Older class most at beginner level so will modify a bit. I think one of my downfalls is that I do not offer enough challenge as I do not want them to get too discouraged, I will think in layers and work up . You had a nice mix for me to work from.) Also worked out the tightness in my low back, thanks!
Awesome class Tracey..I have been reinspired to use the small ball in my Mat classes. Really nice flow, excellent cueing, and some new creative ways to use the ball. I love the chest openers! Thank and more please!!!
Excellent class. Thx Tracey!
Very nice....especially loved side leg series with ball @ ribs, end of corkscrew holding feet, circling oblique work, and ending mermaid. Thank you!
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