Prepare for your First Dance
Viktor Uygan
Tutorial 3222

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informative, elegant and entertaining: thank you Viktor and Kelly! :)
Thank you Paulinka I am happy you liked the tutorial and you enjoyed that, we make it little fun :)
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Wonderful ! I’m a runner without a dance background that would enjoy learning how to dance ! I’m also a Pilates teacher, this was really informative and enjoyable ~ I’ll watch again and I’m certain I will apply aspects of it while teaching. Thank you ! Susan
Hi, Susan, it is never too late to Dance :) and you should teach dancers how to run properly they could benefit from the endurance and cardiovascular aspects of running. Thanks
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Thank you, Viktor! This was very helpful. Seeing I'm not a dancer--but work with them, it's important to know all the vocabulary. Amazing teacher!!
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Hi Kat Ernst Happy that you are working with the Dancers and the information we presented was useful. They are lucky to have you to achieve their dreams and stay healthy during their journey. Thanks :)
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Thank you so much for this Victor and Kelly! It was fun to watch and really helpful as I am currently teaching a former ballet dancer in her 50s.
You welcome Nicole Let me know how she likes it? :)
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I thought this would have been more informative for a 25 minute tutorial.  It was cute and fun though, I enjoyed it.
Hi A happy to hear you enjoyed my my class and thought It was fun. This class was preparation for the first dance class I have in Pilates Anytime. I hope you'll get chance to watch that one as well Thank you for your feed back 🙏
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