Working on Leg Alignment
Deborah Lessen
Tutorial 3253

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Deborah, thank you for the explanation on how to determine hyperextension ..also I really appreciated the info about the heels not touching when the legs are in full extension.. an aha moment for me !!!!! Blessings to you from Chicago :)
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Deborah, always great to hear your cueiing and fine tuning. Thanks for sharing your wisdom. Regards from Tel Aviv, Tamar Even-Kesef
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great video. Loved that juicy tidbit of information at the very end about the knee and lax hamstring.
Oh Deborah, how I adore you! As always, your teaching is incredibly helpful and most of all so inspiring. :)
Thank you for your comments. It's good to now that you are benefitting from the video.
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Thank you! This is so good and so useful. You are a very good teacher. This is Pilates at its best!
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Really great video, concise, great information. Loved the props.
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What a great video and very timely for me You answered many questions about heels not touching and hyperextension..I do see this frequently so it is very useful... Hope to see you soon!
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This is really great! Thank you!
Great video ! Thank you for explaining so well
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