Day 6: Center
Meredith Rogers
Class 3272

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Such a good reminder of the middle! I love this one.
Thanks for coming back to this one Kandie xx
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I really enjoyed everything about this class, thank you for sharing your talent to the Pilates community around the world.
Wangari thank you for your sweet feedback.
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Meredith, this was great! I really enjoyed it. Thank you!
Katarina that makes me happy!! 
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Loving this!  Again, as a pilates teacher I spend so much time teaching the basics, but miss out so much for myself.  I will be going back to these 10 classes many times just to "tune into me".  Well done!
Carole that is so great to hear!  I recently did again and enjoyed it so much!
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I am just loving this whole course. The best way to start my day :)
Elly thank you for taking the time
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