Day 10: Harmony
Meredith Rogers
Class 3281

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I‘m sooooo happy!!! Thanks meredith!!!
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This class is awesome. I love the depth of the movements, without too much complication, I love the slowness of the class. You can really concentrate on each movement. I also loved the end where’d you can create tension in your muscles and then release that and make it soft.
I feel wonderful in my body. Thanks Meredith!
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Another great class refocusing me through my holiday - thank you xxx
Thanks you for sharing your feedback and sharing the love of movement with me!
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This is such a lovely way to end the challenge. I have so enjoyed the variety that still had a clear thread running through each of the 10 days. I have marked some of the classes as favourites and will also return to the more challenging 2/3 classes (I have never executed a perfect press-up and at 56 I am not sure I ever will ...). Thank you, Meredith Rogers and your team for this opportunity. It is also lovely to see the ocean as I shiver here in the grey of a Shanghai winter.
Thank you ALL!
Vanessa has the right idea...we can return again and again to our favorites.
Thank you for such an inspiring challenge! I’ve enjoyed each and every class.
So many beautiful sequences ~ I look forward to sharing them with my clients!
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Thanks, Meredith. I really enjoyed the clear, straightforward and personable way you wove your talk and our movement together. I will do the sequence again and look forward to additional challenges from you and others.
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Thank you so much for this amazing challenge, Meredith! What a brilliant way to start 2018 and to celebrate my 50th birthday! Loved every minute and I will be returning many times for myself and to use some of your fun and challenging exercises for my students. I really appreciate all the time, energy and love you and the team put in to bring this to us all. (And yes, I have lots of favourite exercises too!!) 😊
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Thank you so much Meri! I’m so grateful for this challenge and for you and your awesome teaching- I will be coming back to each one! Xoxo.
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