Lolita's Foot Work
Lolita San Miguel
Tutorial 329

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Thanks Kristi.. some of the older stuff is hard to find 4 sure. But a rubber band is an easy ,cheap fixo!! whoohoo
Lolitta, I loved your foot work! Your teaching, your humor, your depth of knowledge. Please give us more of your classes!!
Hi Judy, We are going to Lolita's studio to film footage for her biography (and hopefully some classes too) just after Memorial Day!
Thank you for sharing. Great work and a lot of sens of humor.
video needs to zoom into the instructor's feet.(i'm here to see what instructor is doing)..not show the rest of the class/students and her going around fixing/correcting others (since everyone is doing things differently)...
Great feedback Tot. I'm sure we all agree with you. This video is one of our "oldies but goodies" and while we aren't likely to shift our production style greatly, we definitely agree with your feedback here and are making efforts to do just as you say going forward. Thank you!
Very good class! I loved this! I love Lolita!!
Very good class! I loved this! I love Lolita!!
I'm so happy you have Lolita's footwork. I have taken her workshop few years back and this is just a much needed reminder ! Thank you!
What a Great video. I do wish that there were close up shots available of some of the foot exercises . I'm not sure if I am doing them correctly.
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