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Meredith Rogers
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Yes, Patty Smith! Get the whole family involved.
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Do we need a fitness ball for the challenge? I have a very small workout space. Thanks!
Hi Mindy H.,
There is one class late in series that uses a fitness ball that would be hard to do without one.
That being said, you could just skip that class and choose another one to do in its place. One you particularly liked from the challenge or any other.
The most important thing is that you keep up your momentum and keep moving!
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I'm excited and looking forward to starting tomorrow, going shopping now to buy the apparatus...
Cassandra Horray!
Happy to have you aboard.
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I'm a little late to the party , but I love your style of teaching so I'm super excited to begin!!
Welcome to the party Kathy!
It's NEVER too late.
I'm so happy you're here.
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