Down and Dirty Mat
Maria Leone
Class 3364

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When are we going to have Maria Leone doing another of her excellent videos? Very soon indeed?
Love the single leg circle variation!  It's a killer.
Maria, this one just never disappoints! It's short, efficient and absolutely lovely. Happy New Year!!
Maria Leone, thank you for this dynamic class! I love your work! I would ask isn't it dangerous for shoulders to make Push ups with open elbows? I'm little confused because in a lot of classes push ups are with elbows close to the body. Please give me more info about the right performance of Push Ups! Thank you! 
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I am so glad you are inspired by the workout.  There are many ways to perform a push up.  I usually do more a fitness push-up because it enables the biceps, triceps, pecs etc to be involved.  The elbow in position relies heavily on the triceps but it is how Joe did his push up.  His push up is very influenced by chataranga position in yoga.  Pay attention to the position of your spine and your shoulder heads and you should be fine.  If you experience discomfort in your elbows limit your range of motion.
Great class! That Criss cross variation was killer! 😜😜
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I loved two of your variations, the single leg circle with the bottom leg hovering off the ground, and the long preparation to cross cross.
Love this class. I have been doing pilates for 7yrs in Sydney and struggling to do now on my own at home (thanks covid19). However, something about Maria's manner, approach, just makes me love her classes on all levels. Thank you, Maria.
Can we have more like this please? Great for weekdays before work - 20 minutes but you really get a workout and feel amazing afterwards. Love the simplicity combined with fast pace.
P.S. Also appreciate that Maria doesn't talk too much - sometimes it gets confusing when there's too much information and chat!
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