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Jennifer Golden
Class 3394

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Twas absolutely perfect given I'd been sitting on the computer all day! Thank you - feel so much more awake now!
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Just superb! I really liked the cueing for my clickety hips, and the image of my branches emerging from my trunk. I love this workout, Jennifer!
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Exactly what my body needed! 💛
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This is a perfect confidence builder for starting fresh. So great, just like you, Jennifer!
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Great morning movement for me at 5 am - look forward to viewing more of your routines.
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Nice! A little vigorous for me, but just what I needed while waiting for most recent scan results.
Laura , Kudos for taking the time to workout during something as stressful as waiting for scan results. Thank you for sharing what you are going through. I'm thinking about you from here in Chicago! Please feel free to message me if you need some support after finding out the results. XOXOXO
That was a wonderful strong sweet energizing class. A perfect 30 minutes...with so much .
Thank you!
My first class with you--thank you so much! I did something to my back last week, so this is my first class after missing a week of Pilates. It was wonderful!
Love your work-outs! Thank you Jennifer.
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