Creative Foam Roller
Jennifer G.
Class 3395

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Absolutely Fantastic! there is so much going on here, so much detail.  Love the focus around the waist, diaphragm.  Will be looking for a workshop! Thank you
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Challenging class , no part of the body is left out... Need to do it more often in order to be better ;) thank you 🙏
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Amazing class with variations of foam roller exercises...thank you 
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Beautiful flow, great cues!
Absolutely loved this class! Thank you!
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What an awesome and creative class!! Loved all of it and can't wait to share it with my clients!! Thanks Jennifer!!  
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Wow! Just what I needed to de-stress, open up, and re-energize. Thank you Jennifer! (Two years post cancer treatment, still here, still working out as best I can.). You are my hero.
Awesome class! Ready to rock the foam rollers in my classes!
Thank you for this fun releasing class. Love how the small details are the ones creating the work of movement . Your great . Much Love
Love this!  Thank you!
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