Reformer for Traveling
Gia Calhoun
Class 3414

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Excellent class, Gia! Thanks so much!
Thank you all so much! I'm glad you like it!
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Thanks Gia - great reformer session. I loved the lead in to arabesque! Wonderfully cued class!!
Dear Gia,

You look absolutely beautiful! Love the Double Leg Stretch on long box! I am so very proud of you.XOXO
Beautiful class Gia! Wonderful flow and great cueing!
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Thanks Gia! Great class in all aspects!
Love the class Gia! Thank you!!
*How wonderful it is to have you on that side of the camera after all these years of helping us on this side of the camera!!
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I’ve seen your name for years but don’t ever remember seeing your lovely face. That was really great! Thank you Gia!
Thank you Gia! The hip flexor stretches were amazing! Your voice volume and cues were helpful. Your pacing was perfect! Kathleen
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Great class ! Really opened me up. The cues were specific, but not overly wordy. Really appreciated that.
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