Creative Reformer Flow
Melissa Connolly
Class 3428

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The flow, variations and choreography were great but I'd really love to see some more references to anatomy, or how to know when you are doing it right/wrong. Otherwise great variety of exercises thank you!
great class! I worked up a sweat! I also incorporated ankle weights which made it even harder.
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Just did this class yet again! Melissa you are the gift that keeps on giving! Thanks and hope to see you back soon! Are you teaching in San
Diego? Im often down there!
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Great flow and great cueing on which springs to use
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Challenging but WOW... AMAZING!!! Thank you!
Best Class EVER!!! Love love Melissa's alignment principles and how she keeps the class moving touching every aspect of the body. Amazing!!
This was really good mix of basics that lead you into more complicated choreography I liked the kneeling abs with no springs 
 Found this gem and did it again! Worth every minute! Thank you Melissa. Hope to see you back soon!
my first class with melissa but won't be my last.  enjoyed the variety, pace and transitions. thank you!
i loooved it! i really liked the transitions and the cues! thanks Melissa this was great 
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