Hip Strengthening Low Chair
Cara Reeser
Class 3437

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Loved this class (and all your classes on PA) Cara. Love your calm and encouraging instruction. Really fun!!
Watched it when it was published & was excited to try. Wanted to do a good chair workout after getting home from work. Sweating buckets! Love the control and the connections. Wish there was a with exclamation points instead of a like button. Thank you, Cara!! :*
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Finally had time to do this, I love chair work. Thank you so much!
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This is a must to strengthen & stabilize my hips for the runs i want to do.
Amazing...as always! No need to find a 60min workout when this is all you need.
I love this! I’m looking forward to trying it more and more. I really enjoyed your cueing it was easy to follow along. Humbling!
Love this!!! Thank you!
that was great, thanks.  enjoyed having such a focussed class and some lovely little series on the wunda chair (finally)
Thank you Cara. A great challenge for brain and body.
so hard! what kind of ball did you use? I don't have smaller balls but am looking to get some! thank you cara :)
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