Foundational Mat 5
Kathryn Ross-Nash
Class 3500

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Joni THANK YOU!!!!! and I truly hope it DOES help make the Teaser less threatening!!!!!!!!!! Have you don't the others which build to this class?
DJ Thank you for you feed back and kind words!!!! I am thrilled you enjoyed it!
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Wow! Awesome class for technique, thank you!
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LOVE this addition to the Foundational Mat classes - thank you so much!
Rachel Candida Thank you soooo much for you wonderful feed back! It is so valuable to me!
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Absolutely love your style of communication so clearly and beautifully. Love the blonde hair too!
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Excellent cueing!!
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The one ofe the best anytime work
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That was amazing KRN thanks so much for sharing your knowledge with us!
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I can feel the sheer power and strength through the screen awe ! Thank you for such a great class.
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