Foundational Mat 5
Kathryn Ross-Nash
Class 3500

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This was lovely! This was a perfect and challenging way to start my Sunday. Thank you!
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Your cueing and demos are, as always, spot on! Thank you for helping me see all the "hidden teasers". I'm truly inspired by you KRN and would love to take a private with you someday soon...
Lissa thank you for your feed back!!! I look forward to meeting you!
beautiful class, thank you.
Great back to basics! Luv it
excellent class as always Kathi!! When I only have 30 minutes but want to feel like I worked out for an hour, you ALWAYS deliver.
Katherine Elena T C Erin Thank you sooooo much!!!
samantha Brenda Thank you for the feed back!!!!
Carol-Ann and everyone thank you for taking the time to give feed back. It means so much to me. I try to film what will be most useful and your feed back truly helps to guide me!
Wow very challenging but so great! I'm learning so much from these. Kathryn Ross-Nash do you do only Pilates to get that body or do you do aerobics too? Absolutely beautiful.
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