Foundational Mat 5
Kathryn Ross-Nash
Class 3500

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Eirini Thank you!!!!!!!!!
Katherine Thank you sooooo much! and btw- the hair is SO easy now!
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OMG! I love these classes. So revealing the little cheats I've been using to get by. The "thread" is making sense to me now!
Candace this is so exciting!!!!!!
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Still learning so much from you about power and control. So easy to let the "box" get out of control!! Precision is so good for us and your classes never let me forget that.
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Excellent queing, excellent transitions; thank you Kathryn
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Thank you KRN- longest 29 minutes of my life💜 so good, so detailed- wonderful work and am enjoying this series immensely
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I encourage those who need a practice re-set to return to these classes.  After weeks of classes of all kinds it was great to get clear, commanding cues for the exercises that make us stronger for all that exploration.  The corkscrew was simplicity in action.
Thank you all!!!!!!!!!
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Hi Kathy, great series, lovely YOU! Might I suggest that when you, student, picks up that weighted bar, that it be appropriate to take out of your range as you lean forward. I had a 10# weighted bar, yikes! too heavy, immediate lower disc spasm and my class ended at that instant. I'll be fine in a few days, and I am strong, but wasn't thinking about protecting my lower back (like that) as I joined Kathy's class
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